Monday, May 31, 2010



Thursday, May 20, 2010

New digital sketches for paintings

Here are four more sketches for my new acrylic painting series. I create these sketches on the computer, it's a great way to develop my abstract figure images. Working this way I am able to create several versions of the same concept and pick out the best one, something that would be very time consuming using traditional painting mediums. I really enjoy creating these images on the computer.

NewFig 1   5_13

NewFig 13   5_11

NewFig 10   5_11

NewFig 4   5_13
These sketches are done approximately 8" wide. When actually painting the final images, I don't copy the sketches verbatim, but use the digital images as a starting point. these paintings range in size from 36 x 36" to 44 x 44". As of now, I have 12 of these paintings in my local gallery and also have a gallery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico that wants to exhibit them. A gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio contacted me the other day and is interested in exhibiting this series, so I'll be very busy painting for the next few weeks.
The Craig Smith Gallery in Harbert, Michigan has run a full page ad in the current May issue of Art in America featuring one of my new paintings. check it out if you have a chance.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

A legend died today

Frazetta copy

Frank Frazetta was one of my very favorite artists, he painted some spectacular paperback covers which will always be remembered.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rich man's disease & photomontages

Gout Blog
For the last two weeks I've had the gout, known as the "rich man's disease". I'm not rich, so why did I get gout ? It first happened to me when I lived in Paris, must have been the rich food and wine. This painful event occurs about every four or five years. My father had gout, it must run in the family.

My girlfriend, Gloria, came down from Grand Rapids to baby me. She cooked meals, fed me pills, picked up my mail and did some shopping. The only thing she wouldn't do is to buy a little nurse's outfit from Frederick's that I recommended she wear. The cartoon of Gloria was done on the computer.

Jpeg on me
While bedridden I tried to do some work on the computer, but with three cats it was not easy.

The Scarlet Macaw Art Center in Sawyer, Michigan is planning on having a photographic exhibition soon and I though that I would enter some new photo montages. Here is the hallway in my home to which I added three red spheres. The spheres are actually a red ball that my cats play with, I've used it in many of my photo montages.

I shot this photo near my house of the sun rising and added a red sphere for the fun of it. The computer is the perfect medium for creating photo montages.