Saturday, November 28, 2009

New computer sketch for a painting

The twelfth painting in my new series will be based on these new computer sketches that were just completed. The computer allows me to quickly create several versions of an idea for evaluation. These sketches are just a beginning point, the painting will most likely go through many changes before completion.


This version intrigues me quite a bit, I may base the painting on it.

Another interesting possibility.

I like the black shapes on the figure in this version. This version is actually a negative of the second study.


Doing studies like this on the computer has real advantages as once you establish an idea it's quite easy to do several versions. I could probably do thirty more without any problem. Using traditional mediums would be an arduous undertaking.
I'm probably going to start painting this afternoon, so I'll be making a decision on which sketch to base the painting on soon.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Digital experiments: New Landscapes

I've done a great deal of experimenting with my computer. These images are part of a series that I call NEW LANDSCAPES. I don't plan these images, but just start working on a white background building up the image gradually. I like working this way as often interesting effects and accidents happen that couldn't be planned. This technique seems most natural to me when working on the computer and it's a great way to practice color and design studies.


NL 1



These were all done using the Photoshop program on a Mac computer.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Having fun with Dali

I was recently working on some self promotion brochures and found some images that I thought I'd share with you. When I first began working with the computer I did a whole series of parodies on the fine art world. My favorite artists to parody were Dali and DaVinci. Below are a few of the Dali parodies that I did in Photoshop 5.0 on a Mac computer.

Dali 1






I think that Dali would have loved the computer, he would have certainly come up with some wild photomontage ideas !

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Predictions from the 1930's

On my last post I showed some of the posters that I design. I often do crazy ones just to send to friends. Recently I found a very old photo from the 1930's of my mother holding me and the ideas started flashing through my brain, it quickly became a funny poster. This is also a great way to practice and experiment on the computer.


My mother was right, Gloria did throw a big party for my 80th birthday !

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Designing a poster brochure

Here is a new brochure prooying some of the posters that I've designed on the computer.

This is a rough sketch of how I envisioned the cover. Originally I was going to title it GRAPHIC DESIGN and include a variety of work including posters, catalogs, logos and brochures, but I had so many posters I decided to limit the subject to that area and cover the other things in another brochure.

Here is the finished cover design which includes a poster that I did after the 9/11 tragedy and another about my cat Jpeg.

Posters Int
The inside spread of the brochure.

PostersRear Cov
The rear cover includes several more posters. This hardly covers all the posters that I've designed, I could probably do two or three more brochures and have some left over.


Here are larger versions so that they can be viewed better. Many of the posters were done to promote exhibitions of my paintings, sculptures and prints.


I had an old photo of Gloria as a blond holding an iguana and turned it into a poster for her.

Posters 5
A poster for an exhibition of computer prints at the Water Street Gallery in Saugatuck, Michigan

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Creating a photomontage

Whenever I have a chance I like to experiment with photomontages. Once in a while an exhibition comes up and then I have a few new pieces to consider for entries.

Entry 1
Here is a photo of the entrance to Gloria's home. It's an interesting house that's almost 100 years old and I have taken photographs of several different areas to consider for future photomontages.

Entry 2
First I straightened the photo and then cropped it.

Entry 3
I found a photo taken in Mexico of a Rum Punch which I outlined in Photoshop Elements, taking out the background.

Entry 4
Then I positioned the photo over the entry way, creating a weird scene. Anything goes when you are creating photomontages, just have fun and let you imagination run wild. The wilder, the better !

Entry 4A
I had another idea and found this photo of 16 red balls that I had used previously on another photomontages.

Entry 5
I resized the red ball pix and positioned it over the entry way photo, creating another interesting image.

Entry 6
To make it more interesting I changed the position of a couple of the balls. The ball is one of my cats favorite toys and I've used it in many of my photomontages.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Digital experiments brochure

Another promotion brochure that I just finished and these are the rough sketches that I worked from. I assembled all the pages below on the computer using the Photoshop Elements 2.0 program.

The front and rear covers.

The inside spread.

Here is a larger version of the cover so that you can see the detail better. I show a wide variety of my digital experimental work.

The left hand page of the interior spread shows two CD album covers, a couple of illustrations and some cartoons.

The right hand page shows more variety of art including illustrations, a photomontage and some of my comic work.

The rear cover shows examples of my collage/paintings as well as paintings done from computer sketches.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Photographic experiment

There's an exhibition coming up at the Scarlet Macaw Community Art Center in Sawyer, Michigan and I'm working on some photomontages to enter. The other morning I took a walk down Holloway Drive, the road behind my house. The yellow sign intrigued me and I took a few photos.

Sign 1

Sign 2

Sign 3

Sign 4
I decided to crop the photos and mount them together, they were assembled on the computer. I thought that this arrangement created an odd, interesting image.

Arrow on Holloway Drive
The signs were all a different color, so I made them all the same yellow which helped a great deal. I will do a few more photomontages before deciding which one to enter.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Another promotion brochure

The computer is not only a great art medium it also allows one to create promotional material that can be sent to potential clients. Even if you are not a graphic designer, with a little practice and a lot of effort you should be able to create a simple brochure. Here is the last one in my recent series.

The front and rear covers of a brochure that shows the various phases of the commercial and fine art fields I have been involved in.

The interior spread.

A larger version of the cover so you can see the detail better. The upper left section shows me working on a comic strip, I've done a lot of cartoons during my career. The next upper section shows an ink line illustration as well as some storyboards. For many years I specialized in both. The lower left is an automotive illustration and being from Detroit I was heavily involved in that area. The last panel shows one of my new paintings illustrating my involvement in the fine arts.

Blow ups of the interior pages showing more examples of my ink line work, traditional illustration as well as storyboards and books that I've written.

The other half of the interior spread shows my work as an art director and graphic designer and the lower section has examples of my recent fine art projects.
Because of my versatility many clients have assigned me whole projects where I will design a brochure, do the art and often even do the photography. I have reinvented myself through the years and it's paid off as I have kept quite busy during my long career.