Saturday, November 28, 2009

New computer sketch for a painting

The twelfth painting in my new series will be based on these new computer sketches that were just completed. The computer allows me to quickly create several versions of an idea for evaluation. These sketches are just a beginning point, the painting will most likely go through many changes before completion.


This version intrigues me quite a bit, I may base the painting on it.

Another interesting possibility.

I like the black shapes on the figure in this version. This version is actually a negative of the second study.


Doing studies like this on the computer has real advantages as once you establish an idea it's quite easy to do several versions. I could probably do thirty more without any problem. Using traditional mediums would be an arduous undertaking.
I'm probably going to start painting this afternoon, so I'll be making a decision on which sketch to base the painting on soon.

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