Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Designing a poster brochure

Here is a new brochure prooying some of the posters that I've designed on the computer.

This is a rough sketch of how I envisioned the cover. Originally I was going to title it GRAPHIC DESIGN and include a variety of work including posters, catalogs, logos and brochures, but I had so many posters I decided to limit the subject to that area and cover the other things in another brochure.

Here is the finished cover design which includes a poster that I did after the 9/11 tragedy and another about my cat Jpeg.

Posters Int
The inside spread of the brochure.

PostersRear Cov
The rear cover includes several more posters. This hardly covers all the posters that I've designed, I could probably do two or three more brochures and have some left over.


Here are larger versions so that they can be viewed better. Many of the posters were done to promote exhibitions of my paintings, sculptures and prints.


I had an old photo of Gloria as a blond holding an iguana and turned it into a poster for her.

Posters 5
A poster for an exhibition of computer prints at the Water Street Gallery in Saugatuck, Michigan

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