Saturday, November 7, 2009

Another promotion brochure

The computer is not only a great art medium it also allows one to create promotional material that can be sent to potential clients. Even if you are not a graphic designer, with a little practice and a lot of effort you should be able to create a simple brochure. Here is the last one in my recent series.

The front and rear covers of a brochure that shows the various phases of the commercial and fine art fields I have been involved in.

The interior spread.

A larger version of the cover so you can see the detail better. The upper left section shows me working on a comic strip, I've done a lot of cartoons during my career. The next upper section shows an ink line illustration as well as some storyboards. For many years I specialized in both. The lower left is an automotive illustration and being from Detroit I was heavily involved in that area. The last panel shows one of my new paintings illustrating my involvement in the fine arts.

Blow ups of the interior pages showing more examples of my ink line work, traditional illustration as well as storyboards and books that I've written.

The other half of the interior spread shows my work as an art director and graphic designer and the lower section has examples of my recent fine art projects.
Because of my versatility many clients have assigned me whole projects where I will design a brochure, do the art and often even do the photography. I have reinvented myself through the years and it's paid off as I have kept quite busy during my long career.

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