Saturday, November 14, 2009

Creating a photomontage

Whenever I have a chance I like to experiment with photomontages. Once in a while an exhibition comes up and then I have a few new pieces to consider for entries.

Entry 1
Here is a photo of the entrance to Gloria's home. It's an interesting house that's almost 100 years old and I have taken photographs of several different areas to consider for future photomontages.

Entry 2
First I straightened the photo and then cropped it.

Entry 3
I found a photo taken in Mexico of a Rum Punch which I outlined in Photoshop Elements, taking out the background.

Entry 4
Then I positioned the photo over the entry way, creating a weird scene. Anything goes when you are creating photomontages, just have fun and let you imagination run wild. The wilder, the better !

Entry 4A
I had another idea and found this photo of 16 red balls that I had used previously on another photomontages.

Entry 5
I resized the red ball pix and positioned it over the entry way photo, creating another interesting image.

Entry 6
To make it more interesting I changed the position of a couple of the balls. The ball is one of my cats favorite toys and I've used it in many of my photomontages.

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