Monday, September 13, 2010

Training on the computer

When I first started working with the computer around the year 2000, I used to create comic strips to send to friends. Actually, I would do ink line drawings and scan them into the computer, assemble the strips and then add lettering and color. It proved to be a great way to learn the many things an artist can do using this medium. I will show some of these comic strips in the next few posts. This particular strip was titled CAPTAIN ALBANIA and was kind of a parody on the old BUCK ROGERS strip. I always wanted to be a comic strip artist but pursued a career as a graphic designer and illustrator instead, here I'm back at it.
Anyway, these strips were fun to create as well as a great way to explore the computer medium.

CA 15

CA 16
A blown up section of the strip so that you can study the detail a little better.

CA 17
More detail.

CA 1
A promo piece for the strip.

CA 2
CAPTAIN ALBANIA as an artist with MALICE from Wonderland.

CA 11

CA 14
The whole concept was intended to be a bit loony.

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