Monday, October 27, 2008

Digital photo experiments

On my HARRY BORGMAN ART BLOG I am posting the illustration and graphic design work that I have produced through the years. Here I will concentrate on my experimental art. This group of work consists primarily of digital art but some of my paintings will also be included. I have done a lot of experiments with photography, collages as well as photomontages. The computer medium is especially suited for this type of work.

HBex 1

These experiments are all based on high contrast black and white photos like the above image where I have only added bands of color to create a strong design.

HBex 2

On this image I have added some gray tones to a few of the trees as well as some bright areas in the background to indicate sunlight.

HBex 3

By just adding simple color areas to these four photos I have created interesting designs.

HBex 4 copy

Another dramatic design using only three colors using the white areas as a strong design element.

HBex 5

Using unusual color combinations can be quite effective. With the computer you can easily do several versions of the same scene until you are satisfied with your design.

HBex 6

Even adding a simple element such as a square or rectangle can quite effective.

HBex 7

Here is a poster that I did using only four flat colors.

HBex 8

Another simple poster design using few colors on which I added the snow. Working with high contrast photos is a great way to practice and develop your color and design skills.


Valentino said...

Mr Borgman, thanks for this interesting post. It's great that you decided to start your own blog.
I have came across your works several years ago, but I became really familiar with it after purchasing the book Pen and pencil drawing techniques, which is excellent in my opinion. So different from majority of how-to books on the market.
As I wrote on Leif Peng's blog, I appreciate your drawing style because, much like Peak's, Whitmore's, Fuchs', Silverman's etc it is firmly rooted in tradition, yet at the same time has a very contemporary look.
All the best,

Tim said...

Mr. Borgman,

I loved your blogspot. I am not even sure how I ran across you but I am glad I did. I have some questions for you regarding your work and what you might be doing now as well. I would like to interview you for my podcast. pleasee contact me at your convenience.