Monday, October 27, 2008

It's relatively easy to create photomontages on the computer

No more darkroom, chemicals, enlarger, scissors or glue ! The computer is the perfect medium for producing flawless photomontages.

RedBall 1

What's difficult is coming up with interesting ideas. Actually, ideas can come from just about anywhere, this series was prompted by my cat's red ball. I wondered what the red ball would look like in unusual environments and situations, so I dug through my photo files and found some interesting background possibilities.

RedBall 2

Here is a photo taken in Lucca, Italy while vacationing. I had fun working out the positioning of the red balls to create an interesting illusion.

RedBall 3

Another strange looking scene, but a rather a fascinating image.

RedBall 4

The background photo was taken out of an airplane window. I duplicated the final image and positioned it behind the foreground objects creating an unusual visual effect.

RedBall 5

I wondered how the floating balls would look in a city scene and here they are in the Big Apple. Anything can happen in New York !

RedBall 6

Another weird composition, an interesting combination of objects. The Ethiopian Coke bottle was brought back from a trip to Addis Ababa. The orange pepper adds a nice touch of color.
It's great fun to experiment with photomontages, composing unrelated images together can create outlandish images. This group is part of a series of limited edition prints that have been exhibited in galleries and museums.
These images were all created using Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0. The computer is the perfect medium for photomontage

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