Thursday, October 30, 2008

More fun with photomontages

Creating photomontages is a great way to hone your computer skills. The medium itself is a natural for this type of work. You don't need the full Photoshop program, I do most of my computer work using Photoshop Elements 2.0. Try it, you'll have fun creating weird scenes !

PhotMont 1

WIND, FIRE AND RAIN was created by using four photos. When conbinimg photos you must take care that the lighting direction of each one is the same to make the scene fairly plausible. The background is a photo taken in New Mexico. The dock was photographed in Saugatuck, Michigan and the fire was part of a shot of a car on fire in New York City. My wife's hat was added to simulate wind.

PhotMont 2

Again, a New Mexican background with the flat foreground added. The strange box around the stop sign was just a happy accident. When I outlined the sign I neglected to go all the way out to the border of the photo, I liked the effect, so I left it.

PhotMont 3

The background is a shot of the Lake Michigan beach near my home in Sawyer. The public phone was taken in New York City and the spider was photographed in it's web outside of my studio window.

PhotMont 4

One day a flying bird hit one of my windows. It lay on the ground stunned, so I went out and placed it on a safe perch before my outdoor cats found it. The bird stood up but was still dazed and couldn't fly away. I rushed in and got my camera and took a couple of close up shots before it flew off. Later I conceived the idea for this montage.

PhotMont 5

This montage is made up of three photos, again a New Mexican background and two egg shots.

PhotMont 17

A gourd cut in half adds an interesting color shape to this composition. You can combine rather mundane photographs to create very interesting scenes.

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