Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Coloring cartoons on the computer

HB  CartoonDrwg

On my December 4th post I discussed coloring cartoons digitally. Here are a couple more examples of this technique, a superior method of coloring cartoons.
My basic drawing was roughly sketched with a Pentel Sign Pen on a sheet of layout paper. I am striving for a very free, loose drawing.

HB  Cartoon 1

The drawing was scanned into the computer and I added some color to the background area. These colors can be easily changed as I develop the rest of the rendering.

HB  Cartoon 2

Some color is added to the characters.

HB  Cartoon 3

A few more color tones are added, finishing the cartoon. You can see that I have darkened some areas of the background so the figures become more prominent.

HB  Cartoon 4

Another quick, freely drawn sketch. Sometimes I will have to do two or three drawings before I achieve the effect I am after. I use layout paper which is semi transparent enabling me to trace over a previous drawing.

HB  Cartoon 5

Again, I first add colors to the background.

HB  Cartoon 6

A few more colors as well as a slight change in the background and the cartoon is finished. As I've mentioned before, you can try several color versions and pick out the one that suits you best. This is a fairly quick, easy process, something that would take a great deal of time when using traditional painting mediums.

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