Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Variations on a scene

You can take rather mundane scenes and create interesting images on the computer. It's also a fun way to learn digital techniques in Photoshop. The possibilities are really unlimited as you will see in the following images. Get out some of those old photos and see what you can do.

VS 1
This photo was altered to create an overall color tone.

VS 2

This is negative of the original image to which black and color shapes were added.

VS 3

Another variation, this time I created a rainy scene.

VS 4

A bright, sunny variation.

VS 5

Another late afternoon, sun-filled version. It's HOT out there !

VS 6

Here is a beach scene near my home in Sawyer, Michigan. This was originally painted as an illustration for a book that a friend of mine had written.

VS 7

A negative of the original. I added a few tones creating an interesting dusk scene.

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