Saturday, February 21, 2009

More color & design studies

A few more digital color and design studies to demonstrate the many variations possible. You are only limited by your own imagination.

DigiArt 8

DigiArt 9

Above is a more complex design using limited colors. The computer is the perfect medium for doing studies like these.

DigiArt 11

DigiArt 13

I added some type to this design to show that graphics like these can also have a commercial value. Some of these designs could easily be developed as limited edition fine art prints.

DigiArt 14

Studies like these could be used as sketches for larger paintings done using traditional mediums.


Carol Cooper said...

OK, I am a fan now Harry!! :o) Thoroughly enjoying your current & past adventures in the digital realm, so refreshing. Love the shoes, and can totally relate to your Pollock work, big smile! Have you tried "Viscosity" & "Dreamlines"? - just Google, both very stimulating aps. I will put their links here, not sure if they will show up:

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Carol,
I'm pleased that you like my DIGITAL DREAMS. I checked out the sites that you mentioned, most interesting. Thanks for suggesting them.