Saturday, March 28, 2009

Having fun with Gloria

Gloria PV
You've met Gloria before. Here is a recent photo of her in front of La Leche, a trendy new restaurant in Puerto Vallarts. Doesn't she look great !

Here's a digital portrait of her. She loves shoes and has a lot of them.

A couple of drawings I did for her promotion pieces. Gloria writes a couple of blogs, to check them out got to my LINKS and click on ROMANCE AFTER 50 and THE ROMANCE GAME. I draw some cartoons for her blogs, a few ar shown below.

Gloria's Cartoons
GACartoon 3


Above is a poster I did promoting her book 50 WAYS TO FIND ROMANCE AFTER 50. Gloria was doing research on internet dating when she ran across my profile on Yahoo! Personals, we've been dating ever since.

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