Saturday, May 23, 2009

More photo experiments

Photos can easily be digitally altered to create interesting compositions. This is a great way to experiment with design and color.

Here is a shot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris to which I added a new sky and the black areas in the foreground.

An elongated photo of the Pompidou Center in Paris. I added the black square shape in the foreground as well as the white area on top of the wall.

Another view of the Pompidou Center to which I added black and white shapes, creating an interesting design

A shot from the interior of the Pompidou. I elongated the photo and added a few color squares.

A double image of a Paris street scene which also has been elongated.

1 comment:

Carol Cooper said...

Hi Harry! I really like the effects you have achieved by "elongating" the images, extra depth. And your additions of little blocks here and there definitely adds interest to the scenes! Cheers