Thursday, July 30, 2009

The beach at Sawyer, Michigan

The Lake Michigan beach near my home offers great photographic possibilities.

Beach 11
A rather unusual morning with a wonderful color mood.

Beach 12

Beach 13
Misty mornings are especially interesting.

Beach 14
Lots of gulls usually dominate the beach.

Beach 15
A sunset scene with aircraft trails in the sky.


Carol Cooper said...

Hi Harry, the fourth image (with the gulls)draws me right in. Amazing shot! It's something about the tiny shadows the birds cast and as you make your way up the image the rough waves send you back down to the bottom of the image. What a wonderful shoreline and lovely photos! I will have to take some photos of Lake Superior to share on my blog sometime. OH! the abstract you painted for your gallery is very cool!!

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Carol,
Thanks for your comments.
I'm pleased to be living in such a nice area. The most interesting photos I've taken were when I got to the beach just before or at sunrise. If you're an early riser you should come up with some good photos. That new painting is part of a new series that I'm working on, I finished three more which I'll post soon.