Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Promotion brochure covers

Here are a few more promotion brochures that I send to potential clients. I've stopped doing storyboard and ad comps because of the brutal deadlines, but still am interested in doing some illustration. As an artist you must promote yourself with interesting, strong material, so that your pieces stand out from the mounds of material art directors receive. The computer is a great help in producing and printing brochures. I worked for many years as a graphic designer so I am comfortable doing this type of work.

BookBro new ExtFinal copy
I enjoy illustrating paperback book covers, especially science fiction and fantasy subjects.

I've always had an interest in all types of aircraft and have illustrated a few paperback covers with airplanes as the subject matter.

This brochure demonstrates how I can create several different versions of the same painting on the computer.

I've produced many comic book cover parodies and am trying to get a book publisher interested.

I'll probably be sending some material to various art galleries as I want to expand my market in the fine arts area.

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