Saturday, August 8, 2009

Paintings finished for Craig's party

The Craig Smith Gallery is having a dinner party this evening and Craig wanted me to finish a couple of paintings in a new series that I have been working on. Here is one of the new paintings. Incidentally, a digital version of this image was also used on the cover of my book DIGITAL DREAMS which is available from Next to it hangs a computer sketch for another painting.

Another computer sketch for a possible painting.

A couple more sketches that may develop into paintings.

TechNiArt 3052

Tiff andLaura
My cats keep me company while I work. Here's Tiff lounging in a basket and Laura behind him laying amongst a bunch of computer wires, her favorite spot in my studio.

Another place that Laura loves is to lay under my Beseler projector. I use the Beseler to project sketches onto my canvases. Years ago most commercial artists used projectors of one sort or another in their illustration work. Working under tough deadlines made it imperative to employ time saving devices like this.

Cats 7
Here is Jpeg, a very funny cat, stretching by my laptop.

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