Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Unaltered photographs

Often I come upon scenes that are quite strange and would be difficult to imagine or to create.

This is what it looked like one foggy morning in Chicago, a very strange but beautiful scene.

An odd scene of a tunnel which I believe I photographed in Paris. Everything was just perfect for an instant, the mid-ground figure as well as the four figures entering the tunnel creating a perfect composition. It's a good idea to keep a camera handy to capture moments like these.

Double Exposure
While riding a Paris bus I attempted a double exposure which worked out nicely. When attempting double exposures you never know just how the photo will turn out as pure luck plays a roll. You may have to try several shots before one really works.

Here's a photograph taken through my screen porch where I focused close on the screen itself throwing the background completely out of focus, creating a very interesting photograph.

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