Saturday, November 22, 2008

Black & white digital book illustrations


Illustrations done for Ben Leibson's book "Drifting Sands". I did a total of 36, it was my first attempt at black and white digital illustration. Ben supplied me with some photos that he had taken during various trips which I used as a basis for the art.


I had a great time experimenting with this fascinating new medium, it opened up a whole new world for me.


Here is a portrait of Ben with his cat, Puss 'N Boots. When starting this piece I first scanned in the photos and combined them, then converted the image with the Photoshop Sketch/Graphic pen filter which created the fine linear effect. Then I defined the cat's body and added a few tones to Ben's face with the Brush Tool.


These illustrations are essentially a combination of photography and line art, with flat gray tones added.
I was very pleased with the way this illustration turned out. I added the gray border areas to create a more interesting design. The same technique was used here as on the above illustrations.

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