Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Don't be afraid to experiment !

The computer is an amazing medium for experimentation. You can easily create several versions of the same image for evaluation, something that would take a great deal of time when using traditional mediums. I say, as an artist, experiment, experiment, experiment !

HBexFig 1

I often start out by doing a simple, random sketch such as the one above. It's not a very accurate sketch, rather crude in fact, but it will work for this purpose. I used a black Pentel pen to do this drawing.

HBexFig 2

I add another flopped image over the original and change the proportion.

HBexFig 4

Then I add the color which creates an interesting image.

HBexFig 3

I do another version by adding another figure and rotating the image.

HBexFig 5

I add color to the image. I could have done several of these using different color schemes, something that would be difficult to accomplish without the computer.

HBexFig 7

I was working on a couple of war posters for an exhibition and decided to adapt one of these images for it. Here is the final version of one of the posters, the figure became Helen of Troy.


Two other posters for the same exhibition where I used old engravings for the illustrations.

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