Thursday, November 13, 2008

More variations on realism

Real 12

A painting of granddaughter Shea doing a drawing with markers. This was painted directly over a photograph. I kept the background simple and used strong color for a dramatic result. When doing studies like these you can do two or three different color versions and pick out the best one. The computer enables artists to experiment with relative ease, compared to the traditional painting mediums.

Real 11

A portrait of Ryan, also painted directly over a photo. Both of these were done using Painter Classic. I used a mouse for all of these renderings, I do have a Wacom pad but haven't set it up yet.
Incidentally, I am left handed through a accident. When I was very young I stuck the index finger of my right hand into a vacuum cleaner motor. This was about the time when you would start drawing and writing and I refused to use my right hand while my finger was healing and drew and wrote only with my left hand and have done so ever since. When I began working with the computer I found that no matter how hard I tried, I could not use the mouse with my left hand. Everything seemed natural when I used the mouse with my right hand, so I must actually be right handed. Very confusing ! When I start working on the Wacom pad, should I be able to simultaneously use the mouse with my right hand and the pen with my left ? Probably not.

Real 18

A CD album cover done for Centerpiece Jazz using the same technique as on the previous pieces.

Real 15

A sinister, loosely rendered self portrait for fun. You can create all kinds of wild art on the computer, have fun and experiment.

Real 16

A self portrait done in a woodcut style, it's still realistic, but quite an interesting technique to explore. I first did a drawing using a Pentel pen which was scanned and then colored on the computer.

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