Saturday, November 8, 2008

More cat stuff and realistic digital renderings

Jpeg Drawing 1

My cat, Jpeg, doesn't respond well to my sketch of her.

Laura Cartoon 1

A cartoon of Laura sideswiping one of my paintings. I used the Photoshop smudge tool to smear the painting, an obvious choice.

Real 1

When I first got my computer eight years ago I began to experiment with techniques that emulate traditional painting mediums such as watercolor, gouache and oils. In some of these examples I painted directly over the photo using Adobe Photoshop 5.0 and Painter Classic. On others I first did a drawing, scanned and then painted over it using the photo as reference.
The image above is a Chicago scene on which I totally changed the colors to add drama to the painting. This is a great way to practice and also learn how to use the Photoshop and Painter tools.
Remember, the computer is not a magic tool that creates instant paintings, it is to your advantage to be well versed in traditional painting mediums, as the problems encountered when painting on the computer are pretty much the same. It also helps if you have a good color and design sense as well as the ability to draw.

Real 2

This Chicago scene is an interesting composition that works quite well as a painting. It's a very good idea to practice doing color studies like these. Don't be afraid to alter and play around with color.

Real 3

Another Chicago photo that I painted over and altered extensively. I broke the scene down to just three values, light, medium and dark and kept the color simple and dramatic.

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