Saturday, January 10, 2009

Digital abstractions

I love abstract art and do a lot of paintings in that vein. The computer has opened up new worlds for me as I can quickly do interesting color sketches that later can be used as a basis for a painting. Some of my digital work is exhibited in galleries and art centers as limited edition prints. Here are some of my early abstract digital studies.

Abst 1

I basically start with an overall color on the background and begin to add shapes and other colors.

Abst 2
Abst 3

On the study below I scanned in photos of parts of a wooden sculpture I had constructed. When doing sketches like these, anything goes, get wild and experiment with crazy color combinations and designs.

Abst 4

More of the same. This is a great way to practice with design and color on the computer.

Abst 5

Some of these studies worked out quite well, they are interesting enough to frame and show in my gallery. To see some of my abstract and other paintings as well as my sculpture, go to my LINKS and click on CRAIG SMITH GALLERY. Check out the other artists as well, you'll see some very interesting work. If you are ever near Harbert in Southwestern Michigan, be sure to visit his spacious gallery. Another great spot to visit is the Scarlet Macaw Art Center in downtown Sawyer

Abst 6

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