Saturday, January 17, 2009

More digital experiments

Here are some more examples of what I call art unique to the computer, mages that would be difficult to accomplish with traditional mediums but quite natural to create on the computer.

CA 6

As I have previously mentioned, these images are a combination of art and the collage technique. Some portions of these imaqes are actually pieces from earlier paintings. The Photoshop Airbrush Tool was used to render the gradations.

CA 7

This is one of my favorite renderings, the composition and colors work very well together.

CA 8

Another fun experiment using only flat colors.

CA 9

Above is a clean, light airy study using fresh colors while the piece below is more of a somber, although quite interesting rendering.

CA 10

These, and the examples from the previous post give you a good idea of what can be done using this technique. None of these images were planned, I generally begin with a flat overall color background. Then I add various shapes, some from previous works, gradually building up the composition and color values.

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