Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More digital abstractions

Abst 7

The images in this group are partially based on a photo of a piece of sculpture that I had constructed out of strips of wood. In some cases I scanned parts of the photo into the computer. Again, this is an example of how working in one medium can influence you when working in another. These are basically experiments in color and design that are ideal to create on the computer.


Most of the linear work on this image were drawn in using the Photoshop Line Tool. This a very complex rendering that took quite a while to compose. By extending the image outside of the rectangular border I created a more interesting design.

Abst 9

Enlarging the linear images and adding the rectangular shapes results in a powerful design. None of theses studies were planned, I just began each one with a color background.

Abst 10

I feel that this is my most successful attempt, the design and colors work very well together. This piece has been exhibited in galleries and art centers as a 13 x 10" signed, limited edition digital print.

Abst 11

Two additional interesting color/design studies. I could have done several more variations using this basic design.

Abst 12

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