Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Designing a logo for LET'S VENT AMERICA

I was asked by a friend if I would design a logo for a new website letsventamerica.com. It sounded like an interesting project so I accepted.

It naturally takes a good bit of thought to get an idea to gel. I always keep a piece of paper in my pocket so I can jot down notes and ideas that might come while I'm on the run. These first thoughts were done while I was having lunch at one of my favorite restaurants. The top two depict stars and stripes with the lettering integrated. Not too interesting, but a start. The next one shows people yelling at Uncle Sam, not bad. The fourth rough shows people yelling at an elephant and donkey, symbols of our political parties, I thought that this idea had possibilities.

When I got home, another idea occurred to me, people opening the capital dome and yelling at congress, this was it, it told the whole story with a simple graphic.

I developed the idea with a more detailed sketch, it looked like this idea would make a great visual symbol.

Several further developmental sketches were drawn as I worked out the idea.

A few sketches of heads were drawn until I developed one that worked well.
A drawing of the capitol building was done next.

I assembled everything on the computer where I also added the lettering, finishing the design. Be sure to check out this site at letsventamerica.com and put in your two cents worth.


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