Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some more color and design studies

The computer medium offers great experimental and learning possibilities. I frequently do a series of abstract color and design studies like these. They are quite easy and fun to produce. These studies can also be used as sketches or ideas for larger acrylic paintings. They were all done using the Photoshop Elements 2.0 program. You don't need the more expensive and complicated versions of Photoshop to create images like these.

DigiArt 3

DigiArt 7

DigiArt 6

DigiArt 12

DigiArt 16

DigiArt 15

I usually begin by just creating a flat color background, then I start by adding various shapes. Try it, you'll enjoy it.


Carol Cooper said...

Hi Harry, hope you had a good opening? I am inspired by your latest posts. I always tend to work with the final image in mind, I will try to loosen up and just play, see what happens. Thanks Harry, your works are awesome!! :o)

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Carol,
My opening was a flop, not too many people showed up, you never know how these things are going to work out. But the exhibit will be up for a couple of months so I should get some decent exposure.
As far as the color experiments, it's a good idea to just start out with nothing in mind and play around, some surprising things often happen, and it's more fun that way. The computer is the perfect medium for this type of experimentation.
Thanks for your kind comments.