Saturday, April 4, 2009

Digital photomontages & new exhibit

Here are a few more of my digital photomontages which were created in Photoshop Elements 2.0.

photMont 14
This one consists of only two photos, the background scene was photographed in New Mexico and the flowers were shot at home.

PhotMont 15
Another montage created using only two photos, again, the background was photographed in New Mexico.

PhotMont 16
On this photomontage, the background was shot in a modern furniture store in Milan, Italy. The foreground bird was photographed after it had unfortunately flew into one of the window panes in my studio.

PhotMont 18
The Krasl Art Center exhibited my photomontages in February, 2003.

PORT 412
I have a new exhibit coming up soon. It will consist of my Acrylic abstract painting, Acrylic figure studies, comic book cover parodies as well as sculpture.
This poster was done for the opening which is also a benefit for the Boys and Girls Club of Benton Harbor,Michigan. No date has been established as yet for the length of the exhibit, but it should be up for a couple of months.

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