Thursday, September 10, 2009

Finished painting from computer sketch

Here is the sixth painting in the new series that I've been working on.

Nude2 copy
The two idea sketches which were created on the computer.

CA 7
During the process of painting I decided to do a few changes which included keeping the color values lighter which works out much better.

CA 6
A close up showing some of the interesting linear detail.


Carol Cooper said...

Hi Harry, I really like the softness of this painting, the shapes and lines define it perfectly!! . . . and I love her white belly button! hahaha
How many works will you create in this series? p.s. awesome size canvas, nice and big!! Oh, and using digital media as your point of departure translated to natural media is mind bending. Bravo!!

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Carol,
I'm pleased that you like my new painting. The director of an art center in a nearby city is interested in exhibiting these new works, so I'm going to do about twenty of them. The newer ones will be larger, 48 x 48". The Craig Smith Gallery in Harbert, Michigan has the six that are finished. Doing the sketches on the computer is a fascinating method of working, you can come up with some very unusual images, it's a whole new approach.