Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fun with photomontages

One can often turn bad or mundane photos into rather interesting photomontages. Here are a few examples.

I didn't hold the camera very steady while taking this photo.

Instead of discarding it I added little red spheres floating in the foreground. The spheres are actually my cat's ball which I frequently use in my photomontages.

A photo of the main hallway in my home.

The photo becomes much more interesting by adding red spheres that mimic the bubble lamps above.

Here I added a pelican to a photo of a toll road stop.

Spider on screen
If you follow my blog you have seen this close up photo of my porch screen. Here I have added a photo of a spider.
All you need to do your own photomontage experiments is a film or digital camera and a simple program like Photshop Elements 2.0. It's a lot of fun and will help you develop your computer skills.

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