Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another digital collage

In my December 13th post, CREATING A DIGITAL COLLAGE ON THE COMPUTER, I diagramed how the layer system works in Photoshop. Here is another digital collage done using several elements. I did this as a demonstration for for Sue Wilczak who was the curator for the Krasl Art Center at the time. She was proposing an exhibition of my computer art and was interested to see how I create some of my images. I invited Sue over and took her through the various stages of creating a digital collage.

CB 1

First I did the sketch of the nude figure using a Pentel pen on layout paper. Then I gathered up a few related items from books and my own photo files. Flowers, old engravings of birds, fish and even a stamp from a letter my cousin sent me from Tahiti were all scanned into the computer. The palm trees were from an illustration for a travel brochure done years ago. The elements were resized on the computer as the composition developed. After positioning everything to my satisfaction I added the colors and did some minor alterations.

CB 2

Here is the finished piece. All these elements were composed and colored in layers on the computer. The whole process took about three hours. Check my December 13th post to remind you exactly how Photoshop layers work.

CB 3

I have been working on my Comic Book Cover Parodies and adapted this art for the series by adding the ship, word balloons, captions and the logo.

Krasl posters

These are some of the posters that I designed for the exhibition. A variety of my digital work was exhibited and the audience showed a great deal of interest in this new medium, asking a lot of questions about the process.

Krasl poster 2

The poster above shows one of my digital abstractions which is actually a collage made up of pieces of other images that I have done, an interesting technique.

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