Saturday, December 20, 2008

Digital figure studies

Fig 17

Here is an abstract figure created on the computer. I love to do this type of experimental study as often it inspires ideas for paintings in traditional mediums. These studies are relatively easy to accomplish on the computer. This one is actually a collage, for the white areas I actually used parts of photos of a piece of sculpture that I had done. All of these studies were done when I first began experimenting with digital art using Photoshop 5.0

Fig 18

A further, more realistic development of the above study. I used more photos of my sculpture for the black background shapes.

Fig 16

This is a negative of the above piece which was easily accomplished by pressing the Control and i keys. I changed the eyes and mouth to create more of a realistic image.

Fig 20

Another figure study, again using parts of photos of my sculpture in the background. When doing studies like these don't be afraid to work loosely, the sketchy lines in this study actually add interest and life to this painting.

Fig 19

A study in design that works quite well using a loose, sketchy rendering style on the figures and contrasting that with the harsh black shapes.

Fig 21

Another loosely rendered figure study contrasted with color design shapes. The crow is based on a photo that I took as it sat in my backyard. It must have hit a tree branch or something because it seemed to have a damaged wing, eventually it was able to fly off.

Fig 21a

Here is the negative version of the above painting. The reason I keep stressing that the computer is a great learning tool should be apparent from these and the other studies I've shown you. In a relatively short time an artist can create several versions of an image for evaluation purposes. Also with this medium an artist can try any wild, crazy color combinations and if they don't work they can easily be changed.

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