Thursday, December 11, 2008

More digital figurative experiments

The computer is an amazing medium, the possibilities are limitless. If you haven't experimented with digital art, you are in for a real surprise.
As I've mentioned before, having some experience with traditional painting mediums can be a big help. The best way is just to jump in and start. All you need is a simplified program such as Photoshop Elements, which usually comes bundled with a printer or scanner. At first, it may be frustrating, but do as I did, just bungle through until you learn how to handle a few of the Photoshop tools, it's well worth the effort.
Here are some figure studies I did which will give you an idea of what can be done in the digital medium.

Fig 1

This study began as a line drawing that was scanned into the computer. As I progressed the graph-like lines were added as interesting design element.

Fig 2

I changed the colors, creating a stronger, more vibrant painting. The original image remained intact because I worked over a copy of the original. This is one of the real advantages of working on the computer.

68-5_17 copy

I made more copies and tried different color combinations. This was accomplished rather quickly and was not the time consuming process that it would have been had I been using traditional painting methods.


Still another version which worked out very well.

68-5_17 copy 3

Here is a negative image that was easily created, then a few colors were changed and in minutes I had a completely different, but interesting image.

Fig 3

Working extensively over a copy of the original I produced a more traditional painting.

Fig 4

Two more versions, the study on the right is just a reversed image of the left image. This gives you an idea of the range of experiments possible using the same basic image. The computer can be a remarkable learning tool, the possibilities are infinite.

Fig 5

Here is an abstraction based on the above figure studies. Another way to experiment with design as well as color.

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