Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More constructivist experiments

The computer is a wonderful learning tool, utilize this great medium and start experimenting now ! Here are more simple color and design studies that demonstrate how you can spark your own creativity.

DigiArt 4a

Another black and white design that I created with little effort using the Photoshop Elements Line Tool and the Rectangular Marquee Tool.

DigiArt 4b

Creating these multiple color versions was also fairly easy, I could have continued on and easily done twelve more. This type of exercise is an excellent way to experiment with color and design, especially for the beginner.


DigiArt 9a

You can keep the basic designs simple as those shown above or as you gain more confidence you can create more complex designs like those below.

DigiArt 7a

DigiArt 10a

It is beneficial as well as essential for an artist to not only practice, but also to experiment and delve into unfamiliar areas. You will surprise yourself as to what you can accomplish by developing your design skills through exercises like these.

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