Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Digital fun with Lady Godiva

LG 4

One of my early experiments with digital art. I couldn't resist Lady Godiva as a subject because she offers so many possibilities for creative images. This sketch was rendered with a mouse using the Photoshop 5.0 program. In the near future I am going to try some sketches and paintings using the Wacom tablet and pen which is probably a better way to create an image like this.

LG 3

The above image and the two below are part of a series of twelve early computer experiments that I did. The top two are a combination of an old engraving of a horse skeleton and a couple of photos. I had fun creating the abstract designs in these pieces.

LG 2
LG 1

This image was done by drawing the image with the Photoshop Pencil Tool. Just one of the many ways to create interesting images with the computer medium.

LG All

Here are all twelve of the Godiva studies. Experimenting like this with several versions of an idea can be a great way to hone your design and compositional skills. To do the same thing using traditional painting mediums would be a very tedious process.

Fig 9

A different concept of the same theme, this time Lady Godiva falls off her horse. I added the high heels for fun. This version inspired the acrylic painting below. Often my computer experiments spark ideas for my paintings.

Lady Godiva

This painting of Lady Godiva was done for my EROTO exhibition of figure studies at the Craig Smith Gallery last June. Below is the invitation for the exhibition.


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Harry, your blog continues to be incredible. Happy Holidays!

Ron from Indiana