Saturday, December 6, 2008

Digital Experiments with figures

Jeanne 2  1

Photography and art can be combined to create some interesting studies in color and design. The computer makes this possible and it's rather easy to do. The first image on the left is a photo that has been altered slightly with color panels added for design interest. The image on the right is actually a negative image of the original.

Fig 11

Simply changing the color on the panels creates a fresh new design. I also darkened her eyes and lips.

Fig 12

Further altering the color gives the whole image a new look.

Jeanne 2a

I like to play around with wild color combinations, often very unique, interesting images result. The computer actually opens up new worlds for artists and designers. Would images like these have any commercial value ? They certainly could be the basis for very strong CD album cover designs or posters.

Jeanne 2

My next post will show some CD album covers that I designed, some based on various stages of altered photographs.

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