Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A book project: The beach at Sawyer

I live in a beautiful area of southwest Michigan in the small town of Sawyer. Being near Lake Michigan I often takes walks on the beach at sunrise, with my camera handy, of course. It seems that the light is different each morning and often there is the opportunity to take very interesting photos. I started this book project a couple of years ago and these are a few of the scenes that I have photographed at dawn. These photos were taken with a tiny Pentax Optio S which easily fits in my pocket. It is only a 3.2 megepixel camera but I can make large 13 x 19 " prints without any problem.

Photo 1
The proposed cover design.

An interior spread.

Each morning the light can be quite different. These are all photos that have not been altered by the computer.

Even a simple scene like this makes an interesting composition.

I love the color and design of this image.

This is a photo taken at sunset.

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