Saturday, June 6, 2009

Exhibition opens today at the Scarlet Macaw

The Scarlet Macaw Gallery in Sawyer, Michigan has an opening tonight and the artists were invited to submit one piece in any medium that reflects their views on the state of the nation.


Here is the piece that I submitted on inflation, it's a digital print done in Photoshop. Hyperinflation can be a very serious thing. My folks left Germany for the US in 1925 because of the hyperinflation. They told me that at the time everyone was paid daily as the next day the money would be worth half of what it was the day before. To buy a loaf of bread took a wheelbarrow full of money. The way our government is printing money IS a bit scary.
I'll end this post on a lighter note with a few fun photos.

My black and white clown, Jpeg, she's great fun and a real character.

Here's a shot of Tiff, a terrific cat who won't leave me out of his sight. That ball is the one I frequently use in my photomontages.

Here's Laura, my oldest cat, snoozing amongst all of the computer wires. Boy, cats sure do sleep a lot!

....and here's Gloria ready to go out wining and dining, a fun lady. We have some really great restaurants in the Sawyer area, if you ever are passing by on I-94 be sure to drop by and have a look.
Gloria actually found me on the internet. She is a writer and was doing research on internet dating when she ran across my profile on Yahoo Personals. After my wife Jeanne died my friends talked me into putting my profile on Yahoo Personals, which I thought was nuts. Anyway, Gloria saw my photo with me holding Laura and also being a cat lover, decided to contact me. We've been dating ever since.
Below are a couple of posters that I designed for her, promoting her book "50 Ways To Find Romance After 50".

Poster Centaur Mermaid

Looking for Adam Eve

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