Sunday, June 14, 2009

Some more cat photos

Here's Laura sleeping, her head is resting on a metal ball. Must be comfortable.

Laura spends a lot of time on the beams.

A very strange look from Laura.

Sleeping again ? Boy, cats sleep a lot!

Chir Tiff 2
Tiff getting ready to snooze. I'll have to dig up some more pix of Tiff, he's a beautiful boy.

Comput Jpg 3
When I'm working on the computer, this is often my view.

Comput Jpg 4
....or this. I am going to put my keyboard on a sliding rack below the table as I have done on my other computer.

The cats analyzing one of my paintings.


Carol Cooper said...

Hi Harry!
Cool spider, I can just imagine waking up and going into the kitchen to make coffee and see it on the ledge.....holy cow!! very surreal!

Your latest abstracts are fantastic Harry, awesome colour combo's and the blue study is my fav also. Your kitty kids just love your camera eh.
Happy Summer to you Harry!

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Carol,
Happy Summer to you also. It's been fairly cool here, it must still be quite cool up there.
The cats and I appreciate your comments. I enjoy moving from creating photomontages to digital art, then doing paintings, It keeps me revved up as I feel I'm always learning something new through exploring the various mediums. However it does confuse many gallery owners and critics who want to pigeonhole everyone.