Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A couple more photomontages

A you may have guessed by now photomontages are one of my very favorite mediums to explore. The computer makes it fairly easy to combine photographs. No more cutting, no more glue, no more big mess.

Here's a kind of spooky shot of my cat Laura that I took some time ago.

This is a photo of a living room in a villa that we rented in Lucca, Italy. A bad photo that is not even level, but still usable for my purpose.

I straightened the room and combined it with the photo of Laura, adding the red sphere to make an interesting photomontage. The red sphere is actually Laura's ball.

Eve & Apple (Gloria)
That's really Gloria with the apple added. Try combining photos to create interesting images, it's a great way to hone your computer skills.

Today is my 81st birthday ! I'm still having fun with graphic projects , sculpting and painting. Gloria came down from Grand Rapids and we are going to have a birthday dinner at Soe's, one of our favorite restaurants in Sawyer, Michigan.


Bob Pearson said...

Happy Birthday!
Our greting to you and Gloria on this special day. Enjoy! Enjoy!! Enjoy!!!
Bob & Sue

p.s. Check out "luminato red balls" on google, I thought of you when this was in town.

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Bob,
Thanks! We certainly did enjoy the day.
I checked out Luminato, pretty interesting. Keep in touch.