Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some new photo experiments

Portrait 1
On this group photo I removed the people's faces to create a surreal effect.

I photographed this spider outside my studio window and outlined it so I could use the image in my photomontages. The other objects are typical of some of the images I also use for these experiments.

PhotoMont 8 copy
A view outside my kitchen window to which I added the image of the spider.

An old graveyard in Newfoundland to which I added my cat's red ball, an egg and the spider image. That's Gloria in the photo, some of her relatives are buried here. Her father Jack Bursey was born in Newfoundland and was an explorer going on three expeditions to Antarctica with Admiral Byrd. Mt Bursey in Antarctica is named after him.

Gloria sleeping
An out of focus photo of Gloria sleeping to which I added mysterious floating objects.

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