Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Craig Smith Gallery poster

Below is a poster that I designed for a dinner party next Saturday. Craig throws a fine party featuring the gallery art as well as delicious food.


Along with the other gallery artist's work my sculptures will be on display...
HB MescArt will some of my acrylic abstracts, nudes and a few digital pieces. The larger figurative pieces above are a combination of digital and acrylic paint on paper.

Craig also is exhibiting a few of my digital comic book cover parodies.


Tiff & computer copy
Often when I work on the computer this is my view. To say the least, this is somewhat distracting, but Tiff is a wonderful cat that just won't let me out of his sight. I usually set him down on a stool next to me which seems to keep him happy. If you have a cat or two you might consider attaching your keyboard on a sliding rack below the table as I have done.


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