Saturday, October 31, 2009

New promo brochures

I often produce promotion brochures on my computer which are sent out to prospective clients, art centers and friends. It's very important for an artist to promote and show his or her work to as many people as possible. This applies to the fine arts as well as to the commercial art field.

New Ptgs Bro copy
Here's the cover of a brochure that promotes my new painting series. The painting shown is SWEET PURPLE NUDE.

Lettering 192 copy
I usually start with small sketches and a few notations which sets up the way the design will work. From this rough sketch I can determine what typography will be used and also how to relate the brochures to each other.

Lettering 191
I wanted to use some interesting hand lettering on the covers so I sketched out a few different versions of the words and picked out the ones that worked the best.


Here are two of the other brochure covers in this series. I will show you how I progress on this project in upcoming posts. The computer can be very helpful on getting your work out there whether you send it by snail-mail or send it by E-mail. I like to send printed pieces as often they get hung on a bulletin board or shown to other people.


My painting, RECLINING NUDE from my new series, is now hanging in the Soe Cafe in Sawyer, Michigan in case you are near the area, have a look.


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