Saturday, October 10, 2009

A new promotion brochure

On my October 3 post I showed some of my promo brochures. The Craig Smith Gallery in Harbert, Michigan is having an opening today and I decided to do a promotion brochure featuring my new paintings. Whether you are in the fine arts or commercial field it is important for an artist to promote oneself.
Below is the poster that I designed for Craig's opening.

I felt that I should design a brochure for the opening since my new paintings would be featured, something for the guests to take home with them. These very rough idea sketches were enough to get me started. I visualized a large brush on the cover with very strong typography and a simple interior and back cover.

I took a photo of one of my brushes, outlined it on the computer and then added the type.

I kept the interior rather simple with a just couple of blocks of bold type.

On the rear cover I showed four more of the paintings as well as a group of computer sketches that will be used for future paintings.

I also printed up a number of my cards promoting my website and blogs. These would be placed near the brochures for people to pick up.

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