Saturday, October 3, 2009

Some of my promotion brochures

The computer is not only a great art medium, it enables you to have your very own print shop for creating promotional brochures and other related material.

Above are a few of the brochures that I send out promoting my sculpture.

This is one of the brochures promoting my new painting series. I send these out and also leave a stack of them at Craig's gallery. Most everyone that visits the gallery takes one with them. I also leave them at other art centers, it's very important to promote yourself. Recently I received a call from the new director of an art center in a nearby city. She was cleaning out some drawers and found a few of my promotion brochures and decided to call me. She wanted to come over to see my work and this resulted in her offering me an exhibition. The date hasn't been set as yet, but I will be showing my new acrylic paintings which are based on computer sketches.

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