Thursday, October 15, 2009

Scarlet Macaw celebrates


Above is a postcard postmarked 1909, it's a photo of M. Z. Norton's store in Sawyer, Michigan. Below is the building today which houses the Scarlet Macaw Community Art Center. Last weekend they decided to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the building.


The Executive Director, Nifodora Krumrie, really got into the swing of things with her old hat and dress as well as playing ancient records.

Here's her husband David with a Macaw perched on his shoulder, not a scarlet one but pretty colorful.

Another shot of David with the Macaw. Boy, these birds can really be loud !

Macaw Poster copy
I've designed a number of posters for the gallery, here's one of them.


These are a couple of posters for an exhibition that I had at the gallery a few years ago. The exhibit consisted of some of my paintings, wood carvings as well as my digital art.


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